• What is the role of the police in the process?

  • I have been a victim of a crime, and since then, i have been feeling fear.
    Is this normal?

  • What should i do to report a crime?

  • I feel like  i’’m in danger; How can i get protection?

  • I will be participating in a trial: What should i know?

  • Am I entitled to compensation?

Anyone can be a victim of crime,
public calamity, or natural disaster.

Being a victim of a traumatic event is a negative occurrence that anyone can experience throughout their life. Besides the physical, psychological, economic, and social consequences that a crime can cause, it’s common for involvement in a legal process to raise doubts and provoke anxiety and apprehension, especially in the case of crime occurrences.

If you have been a victim of a crime or another traumatic event, or if you know someone who has, this website can assist you. Here, you can find information about the legal process, your rights, and the services that can provide support. We hope it proves helpful to you! We wish you a pleasant visit!


NOTICE Some of the information on this website has been intentionally simplified to make it more easily understandable to the public. However, this simplification does not compromise the accuracy and correctness of the content. Considering current legislation and its evolution, varying judicial practices, and the fact that each case is unique, it is advisable to complement the information obtained here with essential individual legal advice. The contents of this website were created by the Institute for the Victim (provitima.org) in partnership with APAV as part of the INFOVICTIMS project. The content reflects the viewpoint of the Institute for the Victim. The Institute for the Victim has not received any financial assistance from companies or governments to participate in the project.

We hope it proves helpful to you! We wish you a pleasant visit!

I was a victim of a crime, an epidemic, a public calamity, or a natural disaster: consequences or reactions

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