Victim Support Technician

A Victim Support Technician* collaborates with the Instituto Pró Vitima, who, within the scope of their duties and with the proper qualifications, identifies, accompanies, and supports crime victims.

The Victim Support Technician understands what the victim feels and undergoes after experiencing a crime and has the mission of helping them overcome or, at least, mitigate this impact.

To perform these functions, the Victim Support Technician possesses a set of competencies, both technical and personal. Besides having academic qualifications in areas related to the needs commonly experienced by crime victims—like psychology, law, social services, and theology, among others, they have received specialised training in victim support. Hence, they possess in-depth knowledge about aspects like the consequences of victimisation, victims’ reactions, and the available support resources.

From a personal standpoint, the Technician is someone capable of listening to the victim, understanding their fragile situation, providing emotional support, accepting what the victim is willing or not willing to share, and respecting their decisions, even if they disagree with them thinking it might not be in the victim's best interest.

Whenever necessary, the Victim Support Technician can accompany the victim to significant events, like court appearances, police visits, or during forensic medical examinations. During these moments, it is crucial for the victim to have a trustworthy person by their side who can provide support.


*The title "Victim Support Technician" refers to a role performed by volunteers at the Instituto Pró Vitima, focusing on the emotional and spiritual support of the victim.

I was a victim of a crime, an epidemic, a public calamity, or a natural disaster: consequences or reactions

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